It all started when I "designed" my own bedroom at 8 years old. I drew a plan to scale, figured out the space layout, picked the furniture, accessories and fabrics. I re-designed the room twice after that, at the age of 14 and then again at 21. Then, in my thirties, after a completely different career (in Egyptology, in case you're curious), I decided to follow that old passion of mine and study interior design.
The first nursery I ever designed was for our daughter Margot - from when the whole house was still a design concept on paper, and I was just a few months pregnant, to the last wall hanging about eighteen months later.  

With an architect as a husband, and the huge project in our hands of designing and building our own house, I realized early on that the room I spent most time thinking about was the nursery. When it was done, I still had all these ideas and wanted to do more rooms... many more!  And that is how A Room for Frances happened.

And who is Frances, you ask?! Frances is our daughter Margot's middle name, after one of my husband's favourite childhood characters, the adorable badger Frances, created by Russell Hoban.